Ski Vacations Offer A Lot More Than Slope Action

Ski vacations are fantastic for those who love to hit the slopes and enjoy some serious down hill action. But when the lifts close or the snow isn't packed just right, what's a skier to do? Depending on the location chosen, the answer to that question is a lot!

Ski vacations open the door for many other activities above and beyond the downhill. Families, singles and couples will find there's a lot more to do than just ski in most locations.

Since the slopes and the lodges tend to be in fairly big tourist areas, the possibilities are virtually endless. Other outdoor activities include: * Sightseeing. Most lodges are in great places for getting out and seeing it all. Although it might be a bit chilly, the areas that draw skiers include some other major sights, especially historical ones. Those visiting New England slopes, for example, can take side trips to see colonial sites. The Rockies are famous for the scenery, wild life and national parks, many of which are all quite visible during the winter. Plus, many of the towns that surround the major lodges are more than worth a trip to check out the sights, sounds and local flavor. * Skating. Even if the slopes are light on packing, the ice rink will likely remain open. Here skiers can still get some outdoor action and those who don't like to ski at all can still have some fun. * Sledding. Another "downhill" favorite, this hobby is one loved by "kids" of all ages. The snow doesn't have to be as well packed and fresh for this sport either and it's pretty easy to get involved in. * Shopping. Some of the major ski areas also offer great boutique shopping. Ranging from upscale shops to local flavor specialty boutiques, the stores in ski areas are worth exploring. * Dining/entertaining. Major ski areas are known for their dining and nightlife options. Since the action doesn't need to stop when the lifts close, nightclubs, theaters and more abound. The dining options generally cover the gamut, too. * Lodge entertainment. Many ski lodges make sure to have lots going for their guests both during the day and in the evening.

Ski vacations are, of course, about hitting the slopes, but if the weather doesn't agree, there are still plenty of things those on the trips can do to enjoy their time. Ski resort areas cater to people with all tastes and inasmuch make sure the bases are covered.

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