Your Skiing Essentials

All of your friends will absolutely tell you that you should begin skiing, but they will also tell you about 100 different things that you need to bring with you on that first excursion. By giving you just enough information to thoroughly confuse you they will make you want to give up on the idea without ever even making it to the slopes! Don’t fret my friend, just read on in this article and you will find everything you need to make the first ski trip a successful one. Here is what you need on your first ski trip:

* A backpack is essential due to your need to have a few supplies and some extra clothing available during your skiing trip. This should have some extra clothes in case you get too cold and other tools to help you out of your potential problems * If you are the type that gets cold easily then you should definitely have a hat to try to conceal the heat. Studies show that a hat can keep you between 5% and 15% warmer than if you don’t have one … get one! * Goggles or sunglasses are essential for even the most skilled skier because the UV rays are 40% stronger on the top of most slopes. In addition, the goggles will make your visibility much stronger as you zip your way down a mountain with snow blowing in your face! * Obviously you are going to need the essential skiing equipment like the skies, poles, and boots in addition to a snowboard if that is of interest to you. This should be a “no brainer” but you would be surprised at the amount of people that remember everything BUT what they actually need to go! * Sunscreen and lip balm is important for those that chap and break out easily due to the wind and sun conditions on the top of the slopes. At least an SPF 15 or higher would be the way to go to keep from getting an uncomfortable skin reaction.

Don’t think that this is all you will need; there are still other essentials that you will need to go skiing, though these are very important! Good luck and God speed as you hit the slopes!

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