Whistler and Blackcomb ski resorts are located in the mountain ranges North of Vancouver, in British Columbia Canada. The mountains surrounding the resorts provide more than 800 acres of rugged terrain for skiing and other winter activities. Whistler will also be hosting the 2010 winter Olympic Games.

The top elevation of Whistler is 7,160 ft and its base elevation is 2,140 ft and the top and base elevations of Blackcomb is 7,494 ft and 2,140 ft respectively. These two regions experience an annual snowfall of 30 ft. Snow making capacity on Blackcomb is more than Whistler. Blackcomb has snow making on 370 acres while Whistler makes snow on 160 acres of its terrain. Beginner runs at Whistler account for 20% of the terrain, intermediate 55% and expert runs 25%. At Blackcomb beginner, intermediate and expert runs account for 15%, 55% and 30% respectively. The skiing season at Whistler starts in late November and continues till early June. At Blackcomb skiing season begins in mid November and continues until late April. The operating hours in both the places ranges from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Whistler/Blackcomb ski resorts provide you with a variety of lodging options. They provide nightly, weekly and monthly vacation homes, hotels, inns, town houses, condominiums, chalets and cottages for rent. Many lodgings will offer you skis, snowboards and other necessary equipments on a rental basis. Most of the hotels offer wonderful personal services. The lodges are well equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces and cozy bedrooms. You will also be getting other amenities like free room service, hot tubs and sauna, fitness centers, computer and Internet connections, private balconies and so on to make your stay at these resorts more comfortable and memorable.

You can also party hard at Whistler/Blackcomb since it boasts a colorful nightlife. There are nightclubs, pubs and bars for your ultimate enjoyment. There are world-class restaurants both on and off the mountain in Whistler/Blackcomb. Both these ski resorts are a shopper’s paradise. There are a variety of shops, boutiques and art galleries where you can shop for plenty of interesting souvenirs to take home.

To reach Whistler you have to fly to Vancouver Canada. From there you can rent a car and drive to Whistler; about an hour and a half from Vancouver. There are also shuttle services that can take you to the resort.

In Whistler and Blackcomb there are lots of ski tour packages. These tour packages include food, lodging, sightseeing in addition to skiing. Some of these packages also provide rental skiing equipment.

Whistler/Blackcomb resort offers loads of winter activities. The activities you can enjoy here are powder skiing, snowmobiling, heli-skiing; snow boarding, dog sledding, ice skating and snowcat skiing.

The beauty and natural splendor of these two resorts, the snow-capped mountains and the awesome scenery will give you unlimited adventure and recreation. Spending a vacation at Whistler/Blackcomb with your family and friends guarantees you a lifetime of fond memories and experiences.

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