Utah Offers Olympic Size Skiing

When it comes to premiere ski resort states in America, most people instantly think Colorado. While this is certainly true, other states are also noted for their major slope action. Utah, for example, is a major player in the ski world with some of its slopes being noted as being the best anywhere.

Although its reputation is sometimes dwarfed by the major upscale ski resorts of Colorado, Utah is a state skiers love. This is so for a number of reasons, but the biggest lies in the fact it gets a lot of snow - a lot - and it has some serious peaks. The snow is so prevalent in this state, in fact, many a skier has said its peaks have the greatest powder in the world. Inasmuch, it's no surprise that Utah was chosen to host the Olympics and did so in grand style.

Utah is not only home to the former Winter Olympics site, it also boasts more than 14 major ski resorts, a host of hotels, chalets and other rentals, giving skiers the option of going as upscale or as low budget as they desire.

The snow in Utah is considered king. In fact, some spots receive on average more than 500 inches of snow during the peak of ski season. Not only does the area boast some major ski resort action with some of the world's best snow, it is also home to several national parks, the attractions of Salt Lake City and more. The options for year-round fun in the resort areas are many, but snow here is almost year-round, which means the ski action is too.

The Alta ski resort, for example, is located about 30 miles outside of Salt Lake City. This ski area is a favorite for locals and includes action that ranges from beginner's slopes to some more serious hills for the big boys.

Solitude Mountain Resort is one major ski area that receives a whopping 500 plus inches of snow on average. This area is generally open for ski traffic from November through April, offering a mix of slopes for all levels.

While many thought the Utah Olympic site win was a pity play by the committee, serious skiers knew this state was ideal - a fact that was proven with the fine outcome of the winter Olympics run. With a map loaded with ski action, Utah is the place for skiers. With a portion of the Rockies in its backyard, this state is one that's not meant to be overlooked by those who love some serious ski action.

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