Telluride Skiing Is The Tops

When it comes to skiing the Rockies, many fans of this extreme sport won't settle for anything less than Colorado. One of the top resort areas in this state known for its spectacular mountain landscapes is Telluride.

Actually consisting of two nearby towns, the Telluride area has developed around the ski and tourist trade. With restaurants, lodges, upscale hotels and more all catering to mountain fans both in the summer and winter, this resort area also offers some of the best skiing in the state and a whole lot more.

Telluride itself is a tiny little city that has only about 2,200 annual residents. The nearby Town of Mountain Village, where most of the ski action happens, has less than a thousand residents. Despite their small sizes and low population, communities of Mountain Village and Telluride really pack a punch when it comes to skiing fun.

The region sits 8,745 feet in elevation and boasts mountains with peaks that rise above the 10,000-foot mark. The communities are home to some serious skiing from November through April each year, depending on snowfall.

The slopes here range from starter hills to some serious downhill action for advanced skiers. The longest run in the area is a whopping 4.6 miles long. The total number of trails is 84. There is a good mix of trails that are beginner, intermediate and expert rated.

All told, the Telluride area has a total of 16 lifts and some serious peaks for skiing on. An impressive 21,186 skiers can be transported up the area's mountains per hour during season with the combined lift capacity. Snowfall here tops 300 inches a year, too!

Combining a great mix of mountains for all levels of skiers with a resort area that's designed to please, the Telluride area of Colorado is considered tops by many a skier. The region is so loaded with other possibilities, too, that even non-skiers will fall in love with Telluride.

Shopping, dining and cultural events are big draws here, as well. The communities have an events calendar that spans the year with festivals, gatherings and other big draws.

Although the towns in the Telluride area are small, they pack a punch when it comes to catering to skiers and other vacationers. Offering lots to see and lots to do year-round, Telluride is a favorite for many for a whole lot of very good reasons.

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