Ski Vacations Are Ideal For Outdoorsy

Whether it's a European ski lodge or a getaway in Colorado, there's nothing like a ski vacation to combine some fantastic outdoor action with visiting regions noted for their natural beauty.

Going to the mountains on a ski trip is ideal for couples, singles and families. The trips can be rather elaborate or quite down to earth. It's really up to the people going on the trip to decide. Luxury trips can include five-star accommodations at night and some rugged outdoor fun during the day. Other lodges are scaled back a bit, but the string that ties all options together are the slopes.

Anyone going on a big ski trip at a lodge can expect the following possibilities: * Great indoor accommodations complete with warming fires and more. * Other outdoor activities such as skating, hiking, cross country skiing and more. * Nearby shopping, dining and other fun. Since most ski lodges are in locations that have developed around the tourist industry, there are plenty of things to do once the slopes close down for the day.

Some of the top locations for skiing trips include: Europe: With major ski destinations in almost every country, Europe is a favorite for those who want to mix some cultural exploring into their ski-time fun. Switzerland, France and Germany are big draws for ski enthusiasts.

American west: With the Rockies just beckoning, there are many locations in America's west that draw skiers. From the upscale lodges in Vale to slopes in Utah and California, this region is a favorite among serious ski fans.

New England: The New England states have their share of lodges that cater to the wintertime set. Mixing colonial American history with some serious ski options, these states know how to ensure skiers have fun on the slopes and beyond.

Upstate New York: Home of the former Winter Olympic site, Lake Placid, Upstate New York has more that one major slope calling ski lovers. The challenges here can be surprising, too.

Eastern Seaboard: From Pennsylvania to the mountains of North Carolina, the eastern seaboard and even portions of the south have some great slopes.

Ski vacations can be as upscale or as down to earth as a skiing fan would want. With slopes all over the world, this hobby is one that can take lovers on some incredible journeys in search of the best packed snow, most challenging mountains and more.

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