Ski Safety

Few sports are completely free of any danger at all, but any sport that poses the threat of critical injuries or fatal accident has to be taken seriously by all parties involved. For you to take the sport as seriously as you need to then you need to understand the warning signs of skiing unsafely as so many tend to do. By following a few short tips you can overcome the same treacherous mistakes that others fall prey to by believing they are averse to injury. Consider the following points the next time that you go skiing:

Always remember that staying in control is the most important part of the skiing process in general. If you are in a situation where you feel uncomfortable about your safety then you are probably in the wrong area or skill level.

Never stop in an area that isn’t completely safe for you and the other people on the slope, regardless of how bad you need to. Skiing is much like driving; you must respect the other people on the road as much as you respect yourself.

Always be aware of signs posted in the area around you so you know what is coming up and where you are on the slope itself. There is absolutely no reason for you to take your life into your own hands by ignoring what has been put up for your protection.

Never disrespect the lift in a way that puts yourself or those around you in a potentially dangerous situation. The lift can be very dangerous if you do not use it correctly so always remember to follow the instructions you are giving when you board the lift.

Remember that those in front of you have the right of way and don’t do anything to put their lives in danger. Yield to those who are downhill from you and don’t go downhill until it is absolutely clear.

If you are tired then you need to stop skiing immediately and don’t try to do anything else until you get some rest or hydrate yourself properly. Skiing can be deceivingly tiring on your body and if you are tired you don’t react as quickly, remember this and save yourself a lot of heartache!

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