More Skiing Essentials

All of your friends will absolutely tell you that you should begin skiing, but they will also tell you about 100 different things that you need to bring with you on that first excursion. By giving you just enough information to thoroughly confuse you they will make you want to give up on the idea without ever even making it to the slopes! Don’t fret my friend, just read on in this article and you will find everything you need to make the first ski trip a successful one. Here is what you need on your first ski trip:

* Anything you can get that is waterproof will come in handy during this cold and wet excursion down a steep slope! If you can get your hands inside some waterproof hands or mittens while wearing a water resistant parka or jacket then you will be in much better shape. The warmer and dryer you can be the better you will feel at the end of the day! * DO NOT wear cotton as your layers of clothing, wear something synthetic or wool based that will keep the moisture away from your skin. Being warm and dry is the most important goal in your process of purchasing skiing attire. * Pack some energy bars that you can down on your way back up the mountain or between runs to give your body some motivation to make it through the process. This won’t be difficult, with all the clothes you’ll have on you can find somewhere to put all of it! * Don’t forget your identification and a little cash just in case you are caught in an unintentional situation that calls for it. * Continue to hydrate yourself throughout the process, it may seem silly since it is wet and cold out, but the air is much dryer than you think. Enjoy your trip and drink plenty of fluids to make all of this possible.

Don’t think that this is all you will need; there are still other essentials that you will need to go skiing, though these are very important! Good luck and God speed as you hit the slopes!

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