More First Day Concerns

So you are ready to take the plunge and add skiing as a skillful hobby and entertainment into your life, but where do you start? How do you get ready for that first plunge off of a slope down through the trees and hills? Is there anyway to guarantee that the first plunge you take won’t be your last plunge or your last experience in life? Here are a few more things for you to do in anticipation of that first day of skiing and how to make sure that you have taken all of the proper precautions.

Be in Shape before you take that first lesson because skiing is not unlike swimming in its deceptive use of the body’s muscles. You may first think that most of the work is done by the downhill motion and your skis, but there is a great deal of strength needed to ski. Exercise regularly in anticipation of your first skiing lesson and every time that you go skiing after this first escapade. Your body will love you for it!

Have Proper Equipment in preparation for your first ski lesson so you don’t have to waste time during the lesson with how to purchase or look for the right equipment. You want to spend your time learning how to ski, not how to buy or put on the right equipment to enjoy the process. Call the resort in advance of your stay or simply call a local expert to get input on what to get in advance, show up prepared!

Join the Right Class even if it is embarrassing to be around people that are significantly older or younger than you are. Remember, this has to do more with your safety than your reputation, some people are raised on the slopes and others have to learn later in life. There is absolutely no shame in this, just remember that you need to pay attention to the instructor of the class, not who is better than you. I’m sure you are much more intelligent than the other people in the class, so who cares if they ski better, right?

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