Learning How To Stop On Skis

The ski report is in and the slopes are looking wonderful today. What a great time to get out of that house and check out the sport that's loved by millions the world over, or is it? It's not if you don't know how to ski, but don't despair, learning isn't as difficult as it might seem.

Just like walking, running, driving a car or ice skating, skiing takes a little time and practice to perfect. Going through the motions of basic lessons and working to perfect the movements and stance while developing the muscle control and know how to handle the slopes can make all the difference in the world.

When skiing is learned correctly and the gravity of the sport is understood, the fast-paced, crazy downhill action the sport is known for can be enjoyed by virtually anyone.

The smartest thing for a beginning skier to do is to take and heed lessons. How to stand, how to move and how to stop are all important things that will come out of a basic course.

Moving on skis is certainly different from walking and getting used to the shoulder-width apart stance with toes pointed inward can be awkward. But, once it's learned, the movement is a piece of cake. Stopping, however, should also be learned with skill.

There's no fun in having to fall down or worse, bump into a tree, to stop. So before getting on the lift, consider practicing the basics.

The basic beginner ski stance, the V-shaped snow plow, is an ideal one to use for speed control and learning how to stop. This position has a person's toes turned slightly in to create a perfect V with the skis. Stopping from this stance involves nothing more than pushing the toes closer in and turning the heels more outward. This makes the V even bigger on the back end and slows you down to a stop.

All of the basic movements of skiing should be practiced on safer, solid ground before a newbie goes up the slopes. Even if the intended target to tackle is a bunny slope, the basics should be at least understood first.

Skiing is a great way to get out and enjoy a day, snow and all. Getting started is fairly simple, but practice and patience should certainly come into play. Consider running through a few of the basic maneuvers on the "ground" before heading up the mountain and the experience is likely to be that much more fun.

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