Lake Placid

Anybody born and raised in America knows of the exploits of the famed Lake Placid ski resort in New York, home to the Whiteface Mountain. The Olympics visited in both 1932 and 1980 with the world taking in a beautiful and spacious mountain perfect for those who like to ski. Sure, there are a veritable plethora of places in the United States where you can get a fix for your ski craving, but very few can show you what you can get from the awesome splendor of this feature in the Empire State. Consider a few facts when you are deciding where to go the next time you take a ski vacation worthy of your enjoyment.

What person with any connection to Hockey or winter sports period hasn’t heard the audio clip of Al Michaels saying, “Do you believe in miracles?” Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, America played David to the Soviet Union’s Goliath in 1980 on the ice at the Lake Placid Olympic Games. Having just been beaten soundly in an exhibition by the Soviets, the US was expected to be throttled again in an Olympic Semi-Final showdown. However, the Red, White, and Blue didn’t get the memo that history was supposed to repeat itself and they fought hard tooth and nail until that moment came along. When Al Michaels uttered his famed words the US had pulled off one of the biggest upsets in sports history. Now, you can enjoy the site on your next vacation.

Sure, Lake Placid boasts only just over 200 acres of skiing terrain which may cause some traffic jams on the slopes, but how many American ski resorts can offer this claim to their country’s history? The area is beautiful and the service staff will make you feel as welcome as you can be while you are away from home. Complaints range from the price to the size of the resort overall, but the resounding answer from most skiing enthusiasts is that everybody should take the chance to enjoy Lake Placid ski resort.

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