Kid and Private Lessons

Sure, nobody wants to believe that they need to take lessons for anything, we can all learn on our own right? Why do we need to be trained on how to drive a car, jump from an airplane, or go skiing down a large hill at a ridiculous rate of speed? How about this, death or serious injury will befall those who do not take these situations seriously … does that sum it up? Consider the benefits of a few different types of lessons for kids and private lessons for those learning to ski and see which one works best for you.

Younger Children will benefit from the younger level of skiing lessons that teach the youngest skiers, sometimes between ages 3 and 5 or 6 how to master the beginning levels of skiing. Instead of teaching how to go full speed down a slope these youngsters will learn how to snow glide and master the equipment that is so important to mastering this physical hobby. Don’t assume that your child is too young, call ahead and see if your resort will allow lessons for their age group.

Teenage Lessons will benefit the children who are slightly too old for the smaller ski lessons and want to learn how to ski to enjoy the sport. By turning this into more of an adventure through trails and going in groups this becomes as much of an adventure as it is a lesson for these kids. As we all know, kids from ages 6 to 16 or 17 needs to be fooled into learning a lesson, otherwise it is just not a cool thing to do!

Private Group Lessons are the best option for those families that are struggling to get a younger child or older adult into doing the class on his or her own. Groups or couples can take on a private lesson, or you can just do one yourself, to get over the difficulty of learning in a group that may not be conducive to your success. Whatever it is, take a lesson to learn how to ski today … you won’t regret it!

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