Helicopter Skiing

Sondre Norheim the ‘Father of Modern Skiing’ gave the world unique and innovative skiing styles that revolutionized the concept of skiing. It blossomed into the most popular winter adventure sport throughout the world. Since Sondre’s time skiing has undergone dramatic changes as far as style and technique. With the development of hi-tech and advanced ski gear and equipment skiing has been made available to the general public. Imagine the look on the faces of these early pioneers if they could see how people are getting around the mountains now. Having a helicopter lift you from the base and drop you on top of the world would have surely impressed them.

Helicopter Skiing has always been an elite skiing sport. With the use of a helicopter, small groups of experienced skiers and their guides’ access wild and un-patrolled mountain terrain. The helicopter drops the group off and they are guided to a pick-up point where they are flown to another area to ski another run. This is an exclusive adventure sport enjoyed in different corners of the world. This modern day skiing activity also referred to as heli-skiing has gained immense popularity not only in North America but also in other parts of the world.

Helicopter skiing attracts adults who have tremendous levels of endurance and a passion for the freedom offered by helicopter skiing. Many areas that are used for helicopter skiing are remote and have no other access besides by air. The main draw of this sport is the miles of untracked powder snow, considered the champaign of skiing.

Helicopter skiing involves a group of advanced skiers, two guides and of course the pilot and the helicopter. There tends to be more of a hurried pace with helicopter skiing. This is because the cost of a multi-day tour is several thousands of dollars and even as much as $30,000 to $50,000 a week. With this kind of cost there is pressure to ski as much as possible to maximize the tour cost. The pace can get hurried and slower skiers can even upset other skiers.

You have to have a fairly fit and flexible body if you want to go helicopter skiing. The snow is often quite deep and if you are not physically fit you will find that it is much too difficult to continue with a fast paced group. Having some experience in the powder is also required. If you are paying thousands of dollars to experience powder snow for the first time you need to rethink your holiday. A public ski resort will give you a good taste of the white stuff at a fraction of the price.

Numerous well-known heli-skiing areas all over the world provide world class snow and ski operations. There are really two main types of helicopter skiing operations, town based and remote lodge based. The main difference is the nightlife the resort can offer. A town based operation will have a wide selection of pubs and restaurants. Whatever the town has to offer the public will be available to the skiers after a day on the slopes. However it often means a longer flight each day to get from the town to the first run of the day.

A remote lodge based operation often has more appeal since it is based in a remote setting. The lodge is exclusive to the guests skiing at the time. The lodges are self contained with full dining facilities, bars, recreation, etc. Guests usually pay more for a remote lodge setting since it is more expensive to operate this kind of business plus the accommodations are often better. If a true wilderness adventure is what you are craving then definitely opt for the remote lodge.

Having a guide and the proper safety equipment is a must when helicopter skiing. Generally a guide is provided by the company that you choose to go heli skiing with. These guides are highly trained to lead groups safely through the mountains. They take special care to plan the ski runs in areas that show less signs of avalanche activity. Guides are familiar with the snow conditions as a whole and can often find great skiing even when conditions are poor.

Helicopter skiing really offers it all when skiing is concerned. Skiers are treated to fantastic powder snow, spectacular scenery and great amenities. People pay top dollar and travel around the world to experience this exclusive sport. Since helicopter skiing is so popular tours are often sold out over a year in advance.

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