Heavenly Ski Resort

Sure you are a big time fan of the sport of skiing and you just can’t wait to hit the slopes again as soon as possible, but where are you going to go? There is no more difficult decision when you decide to go skiing than where to go skiing at. Much like deciding what Vegas Hotel to stay at, you have a myriad of options between very upscale and high quality resorts. This article will detail the merits of one of California’s best places to go skiing, Heavenly.

With over 4800 acres of terrain that you can ski on you will love the options available to you by going skiing at Heavenly, especially since there is a good mix of difficult and easy courses to choose from. Constantly being lauded for its view of the mountains you will certainly see in a hurry where the name Heavenly came from and how it has stuck with the resort. You can enjoy Heavenly without completely breaking your piggy bank or emptying your bank account as adults can ski for about $70 per day and youth can ski for about half that price.

The negatives against Heavenly Ski Resort seem to be from user complaints about the crowds on the slopes and that it doesn’t completely cater to snow boarders. Of course, they do not claim to cater to the snow boarding crowd, but the boarding enthusiasts will tell you that it is a much more ski friendly resort than a snow boarding friendly resort. The crowds on the slopes complaint is going to happen and be common with most popular ski resorts, you must take this complaint with the proverbial grain of salt.

So, if you are looking to go skiing there are definitely a lot of options available to you across the country and across the world. However, Heavenly will provide you with all of the amenities expected of a resort that specializes in skiing; just remember to watch out for all of those trees!

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