Finding The Right Boot For Snow Skiing

Many a snow skier will attest to the fact that gear makes a big difference. We're not necessarily talking about high-priced, looking like a millionaire, or at least spending that much, kind of gear here either. Gear doesn't have to cost a fortune to be good, it just needs to be correct.

One of the most important pieces of gear to ensure a good overall experience on the slopes are boots. When your feet are cold, wet and uncomfortable, the rest of you is, too. Soldiers in many a war were issued extra socks to keep them on the march, and snow skiers should consider making sure the boots they issue themselves are designed to keep the feet protected, warm and comfortable, too. Otherwise, a good day on the slopes can quickly turn into a bad one.

Skiers don't necessarily have to run out and buy themselves a new pair of boots just to wear a few times a year either. Although those who really get into the sport and go more than once in a while will most likely want their own pair, and should probably have it, beginners can benefit from rentals.

The only problem with rentals is the fact, oftentimes, they just aren't as comfortable as they should be. Renting a pair of ski boots is not at all like getting a pair of bowling shoes. You won't be indoors. You won't be exercising minimal movements. And you won't be in welcoming climates.

The boots themselves are not only meant to help keep a skier warm, they also work in controlling the skis. This, of course, makes them that much more important. When looking for rental boots or even those to buy, ski fans should make sure they fit and they fit right. By this, it means boots that: * Are comfortable * Are waterproof * Are snug, but still provide enough room for the toes to wiggle * Not so big that the heel comes up in the boot when you walk * Allow for no side-to-side slippage of the foot within the boot Boots when they are fit properly keep the snow out, keep the feet warm and help aid the skier in controlling his or her action. When they're fully done up, boots should be comfortable on the muscles, but not too tight. A good pair of boots is as much an investment in a good time skiing as the lift pass and the skis themselves. If you're feet don't feel good while you ski, the rest of you won't either.

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