Family Ski Vacations Can Be A Real Blast

There's an old saying that families who play together stay together. But when the winter snows begin to pile up, it's hard to come up with something beyond television to pass the time. Getting outdoors can be a little scary considering the cold, but when the activity is right, families can have a real ball. Skiing is a great choice for getting out. With some major slop destinations found all over the world, there's no real reason to pass up on this sport, for most people. Skiing in and of itself is a fairly easy sport to learn and with a little on-site training, almost anyone can be ready to hit the bunny slopes in no time.

For family vacations, ski lodge vacations are ideal. In families where each member wants to learn the sport, doing it together is more than possible. Families can go from the basic classes to the slopes en masse. If skiing only sounds like fun to one or two members of the family, lodges offer lots of other fun things to do, too. This way, no one is left out of doing something fun.

From skating and snowmobiling to snowboarding and beyond, there's a winter wonderland just waiting for families to enjoy at most major ski destinations. Plus, there's plenty to do when the lifts close for the night in most resort towns.

Options after the slope action ends for the day include:

* Live entertainment. Many resort areas offer some fine live entertainment, theater and more. * Great dining. Ski resort areas like Vale, Colorado, are known not only for their slope action, but also the five-star dining possibilities. * Fireside chats. What's a ski resort without a fire place? Spend a little time in front of the fire just relaxing as a family. * Cultural tours. Many of the great ski areas are also home to some fantastic cultural opportunities from art galleries to museums on local history. * Wildlife exploration. The Rockies, the Alps and beyond, they all offer some pretty impressive views that most people just don't have in their backyards. Try taking a family walk in the lightly falling snow.

Getting away as a family and planning time together can really help create moments to last a lifetime. Even if not everyone wants to or is old enough to hit the slopes, ski resort areas are ideal for wintertime fun for the entire family. From snowball fights to runs downhill and from skating trips to hikes in the woods, getting outside, having fun and simply being together will create memories that last.

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