Buying The Right Ski Gear

Skiing is a wonderful sport that mixes some exhilarating physical activity with scenery that's simply to die for. Whether a skier wants to hit the slopes in Vermont or prefers to give it a go in Switzerland, one of the biggest factors in ensuring they'll have fun is their own personal comfort.

Clothing absolutely can make a huge difference between whether a ski trip is a great one or simply an awful experience. Remember, it's cold out there and bodies are more used to the heat of indoors and warm, crackling fires than they are to spending hours outside at freezing temperatures. Ski gear doesn't have to be designer and it doesn't have to be expensive to be good. What it does have to be is solid. It should protect the body from the elements, be comfortable, and also offer plenty of movement. Hitting the slopes dressed like a marshmallow isn't the way to go, but a jean jacket and shorts isn't smart either.

Considering the importance of correct gear, those just starting out in skiing should consider investing in the following:

* If you intend to go all the way with the sport, the skis are of course important pieces of equipment. Beginners often go for the big, impressive skis, but shorter more manageable ones are advisable. This gives the starting skier a little more control over their actions, which is often required to process in skill at the sport. * Make sure clothing is waterproof. Dressing warm is a must and outer jackets and pants should protect from snow getting in, melting and just plain ruining your day. Good snow gear doesn't have to come from a top name, expensive manufacturer either. It needs to be warm, comfortable and protect from water. If it fits that bill, it's good ski gear. * Gloves. Don't forget about the hands. They will need to be mobile to control the poles, so mittens are out, but good, warm, insulating gloves should be considered a must. * Face/eye protection. The sun's rays bouncing off the snow can present problems for skiers. Protecting the eyes and face should be a top consideration. If visibility is blocked, skiing just won't be fun and it can be dangerous.

Gear should be a top consideration before a beginner hits the slopes. Skiing is meant to be fun, but if you're spending your time shivering, the experience will be a nightmare.

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