Sure you are a big time fan of the sport of skiing and you just can’t wait to hit the slopes again as soon as possible, but where are you going to go? There is no more difficult decision when you decide to go skiing than where to go skiing at. Much like deciding what Vegas Hotel to stay at, you have a myriad of options between very upscale and high quality resorts. This article will detail the merits of one of Colorado’s best places to go skiing, Breckenridge.

One of the most intriguing benefits of Breckenridge at this point in time for many ski enthusiasts is actually how conducive the resort is for those that are looking for good snow boarding. Beginning skiers may not like that there is very little area for them to try to ski and learn the area in general, but this is a great place for families who have a little more ski knowledge overall. With the large ski area available from a high altitude you can find some great ski areas to take on without having to battle with other skiers as much as you do at other resorts.

Another benefit of Breckenridge is its proximity to the airport with a very short airport transfer, meaning this is a nearly perfect place to take a ski vacation. You can expand your skills with any of the ski schools on the premises or spend your spare time taking advantage of the great night life you have available to you. Those who do complain about the Breckenridge experience are usually those who are looking for a more authentic skiing experience rather than one that comes with all of the shopping and nightlife. What is good for the goose is not always good for the gander and that is a perfect way to sum up that complaint!

So, if you are looking to go skiing there are definitely a lot of options available to you across the country and across the world. However, Breckenridge will provide you with all of the amenities expected of a resort that specializes in skiing; just remember to watch out for all of those trees!

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