Aspen Is One Of North America's Top Ski Towns

Ask almost anyone where some of the best skiing in the United States is and the answer is likely to be Aspen, Colorado. Known as one of the top destinations for serious skiers, celebrities and more, the mountains in the Aspen area offer some serious action and the town itself is far from shabby.

Combining all the elements of a major resort community with a rugged and beautiful mountain terrain, the Aspen area's reputation has been earned honestly. The area is home to some of the best skiing action in the world with four major mountains located within a few miles of each other. Aspen is home to the world famous Snowmass mountain, among others.

All told the Aspen area has nearly 5,000 acres of land dedicated to skiing and has a total of more than 40 lifts, which happens to be a considerable amount more than even Telluride.

The four mountains that draw regular Joes and celebrities alike to the upscale and action packed area of Aspen are Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk and Highland. Each offers its own draws for skiers of all levels, but some, such as Buttermilk are better than the others for beginners and experts seem to enjoy Snowmass the most.

Snowmass has a summit elevation that rises a whopping 12,510 feet. Its vertical drop is more than 4,000 feet. The general skiing on Snowmass is designed for more advanced skiers and there are even some good challenges for experts. The area around the mountain itself also offers some great resorts, dining and entertainment opportunities, too.

Aspen Mountain rises more than 11,000 feet with a vertical drop of about 3,400 feet. This resort area is known for slopes that cater to intermediate skiers and up only. It is not for beginners and especially not first-timers. The area around the mountain also is filled with resorts and other opportunities for entertainment.

Buttermilk is kind of the "kiddy mountain" of the bunch, but it should not be underestimated. It rises 9,900 feet and offers a vertical drop of just over 2,000. It's recommended for beginners, but is still a fun mountain for more advanced skiers as well.

Highlands rises an impressive 11,675 feet at its summit and boasts offers an array of difficulty levels perfect for skiers of all skills.

The Aspen area is home to celebrities and camera hounds in the holidays, but there's plenty of room on the slopes for every day people as well.

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